Colloidal silver, ionic silver, has been used in medicine and other fields for many years. Due to the innovative patented silver particle excitation method and a special load-bearing base, Biosilver® is more effective than any other silver-based compositions.

Created in in the largest National Center for Scientific Research in Russia, Biosilver® provides a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains and drug-resistant forms of pathogens. Antimicrobial activity, as well as the properties and characteristics of Biosilver® have been repeatedly tested by independent teams of scientists around the world.

Biosilver® solution has been on the market for more than 15 years in Russia and Cis countries. Trade names of preparations containing BioSilver are Argovit, Argovit-S, Argovit-Bio, Vitargol, Vitargol-Forte, Vitargol BAA, Vitargol spray, Argogel, Argokrem, Silver Powder.

Antiviral Response

Studies show that Biosilver Lab® particles are effective antiviral agents against HIV-1, hepatitis B virus, respiratory syncytial virus, herpes simplex virus type 1, monkeypox virus, influenza virus and Tacaribe virus and etc.

Rapid healing of diabetic foot ulcers

The use of Biosilver Lab® solution causes an improvement of wound healing on average in less than 25 days of treatment.

Enhancement of antibiotics anitmicrobial activity

Silver particles effectively act on the cell membrane.

Anti-microbial response

Biosilver® particles have been studied for their antimicrobial potential and have proven to be antibacterial agents against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.




Silver particles used for the Biosilver Lab® solutions are safe for the body, used in the food industry, the production of cosmetics and medicines. When taken, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. When small doses are introduced into the body, Biosilver® participates in biochemical and physiological processes, normalizes them, helps to increase the protective and adaptive capabilities of the body, and generally have a restorative effect on the body.

The effect of silver particles on the human body

Unlike antibiotics, Biosilver® solutions have a wider range of antimicrobial activity and do not harm the human body. Many bacteria quickly adapt and become resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, new strains of viruses and their mutations that are resistant to existing antibiotics appear and quickly spread. To combat them, new antibiotics are needed, but development and registration of these is an expensive and lengthy procedure.
Since the mechanism of the antibacterial action of silver differs from the principles of the action of antibiotics, it fights new microbes faster and is independent of the development of new antibiotics. Biosilver® has antiviral activity and extremely effective in viral infections and epidemics.


Our masks provide top-level protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi thanks to a unique layer of smart fabric made of Biosilver® nanotechnology.

An ordinary mask stops only drops that are in the air. If they contain a virus, then together it settles on the mask. Due to the properties of Biosilver®, viruses and bacteria are destroyed on the layer coated by unique solution of silver nanoparticles.


Flexibility of biosilver make him easily combinable with many applications like fabrics but also creams and gel.

That’s why to protect people everyday we created a range of alcohol free sanitizers with active particules of biosilver®.